Practice Areas




We provide comprehensive, inter-disciplinary and specialized consultancy services in different areas of the law.

Our services are targeted at StartUps, small- and medium- sized companies, private parties, entities and NGOs. We work side by side with the entrepreneurs from the very beginning.

​We believe that a global vision and technological innovation are essential.

​We represent our clients in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and in different jurisdictions of the Province of Buenos Aires.

​We have a network of consultants throughout the Argentine Republic and in other Latin American countries.


Practice Areas

Labor Law

  • Partially registered work
  • Suspensions
  • Wage cuts
  • Wage differences
  • Labor rights
  • Agreements before the Mandatory Labor Conciliation Service (SECLO)
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Discrimination / Mobbing / Sexual or moral harassment.
  • Contract termination / Dismissal
  • Labor compensation
  • Social security contributions
  • Contributions to union-run health insurance plans (obras sociales)
  • Union contribution
  • Claims before Workers’ Compensation Insurer
  •  Occupational diseases
  • Work accident
  •  Accidents during the journey to and from work
  • Obligations under the Work Risk Law
  • Labor security and hygiene
  • Domestic workers​

Social Security Law

  • Retirements before the Argentine Social Security Administration (ANSES) and the Social Security Institute (IPS)
  • Teacher retirement
  • Retirement for age
  • Disability retirement
  • Direct or indirect pensions
  • Service acknowledgments
  • Historical reparation
  • Debts for contributions
  • Obligations for services paid abroad
  • Moratoria
  • Lawsuits for social security readjustments
  • Lawsuits for teacher remuneration readjustment
  • Monitoring of readjustment court decisions
  • Proceedings before the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP)
  • Claims of coverage to union-run health insurance plans
  • Filing of actions for the protection of constitutional rights (amparos) before union-run health insurance plans

Civil Law

  • Mortgage foreclosures
  • Pre- and post- contract comprehensive consultancy services, preparation, drafting and review of agreement
  •  Execution proceedings for breach of contract
  • Urban leases
  • Matters related to rights in rem
  • Damages caused by neighbors
  • Medical and other professions malpractice
  • Press responsibility
  • Environmental damage
  • Car accidents, train accidents, etc.
  • Falls on the street, accidents in soccer fields, accidents at educational facilities, etc.
  • Condominium Execution proceedings to collect common expenses fee
  • Attachments Restrictions
  • Amparos or other actions before union-run health insurance plans
  • Rights of the disabled
  • Claims before the Argentine Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI)​

Family Law and Succession Law

  • Divorces
  • Child support regime
  • Visits regime, personal care, parental responsibility
  • Division of the marital assets
  • Paternity actions
  • Adoptions
  • Preparation of files to be submitted to the Sole Registry of Foster Care Candidates for Adoption (RUAGA)
  • Specialized attention for victims of toxic relationships and violence
  • Succession related-matters: wills, estate administration, division of inheritance, etc.​

Sexual and reproductive rights

We are pioneers in legal issues seeking the fundamental transformation in the health area and the reproductive rights

We provide legal advice on:

  • ​Medical assisted reproduction treatments
  • Lawfully-held embryo
  • Sex-change treatments according to the gender identity law
  • Reproductive and sexual rights discrimination
  • Access to nonpunishable abortion
  • Demands to Superintendencia de Riesgos de Salud. (Superintendence of Health Coverage)
  • Writ of protection on lack of coverage in hospitals, health centres and health plans
  • Writ of protection on enforceability of the totality of the sexual and reproductive rights

Surrogate Motherhood

  • Access to surrogate motherhood in Argentina and abroad.

  • Legal advice on applicable legislation and jurisprudence

  • Writing treaties on procreation will and reported consent

  • Parentage procedures for children born by surrogacy

  • Preventive registration for children born by surrogacy in the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires DISPOSICIÓN N.º 93/DGRC/17 (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires)

We represent Sudamerica Surrogacy – Agency of Surrogate Motherhood – www.sudamericasurrogacy.com

We represent GestBaby –Ukrainian Agency of Surrogate Motherhood– www.gestbaby.com

New Technoligies Law

  • Data protection and privacy consultancy

  • Cookies policy

  • E- commerce

  • Right to oblivion

  • Management of online reputation through external associates: www.leynetconsultores.com

  • Internet image protection

  • Tech contracts about emerging technologies Non Disclosure Agreements BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device).

Consumer or User Defense

  • Product liability

  • Claims for breach of utility contracts

  • Pre-paid health care plan

  • Union-run health insurance plans: lack of coverage

  • Improper inclusion in the Veraz debt record and/or in other business reports

  • Misleading advertising

  • Bank abuse​

Business Law

  • Company organization

  • Conflicts among partners/shareholders

  • Purchase and sale of shares/companies

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Unfair competition

  • Representation of creditors, debtors or others in negotiations and in any kind of cases or lawsuits

  • Foreclosure of mortgage loans and chattel mortgages

  • Advice on the adoption and making of corporate agreements

  • Execution proceedings on negotiable instruments: checks, notes, etc.​

Comprehensive consultancy services for small- and medium sized companies

  • We provide advice to define the legal planning guidelines and strategies of the company and its daily operations.

  • Pre-paid fixed fees. Focused on company maintenance. Our fixed fees are tailor-made to the needs of our clients and we deliver quality legal services. Through this pre-paid monthly aid, you, or your company or association will have at all times a professional ready to answer your queries and give you full customized advice in all the areas.
    With this fixed-fee system, our clients have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that there will always be a lawyer available to help them.

  • A specific problem is usually more expensive than a whole year of controlled fixed fees. We seek to turn your variable costs into fixed ones in order to increase foreseeability.​